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We put our 170-year history
into this drop.

The northeastern part of Chiba Prefecture, once called Shimosa, is a region that is warm and suitable for soy sauce production.

Among them, Katori City prospered as a water transportation town.

That is where Chiba Shoyu was founded.

While many facilities are modernized, only Shimosa Shoyu is brewed over time in barrels that have been used since its establishment (1854).

170-year-old tradition of barrel preparation.

Only domestic ingredients that are carefully selected are used.

By adding the skill of the brewer, "Shimosa Soy Sauce" is born, which is a masterpiece of clear and mellow natural brewing.

A rich scent and "umami" created by skilled techniques and the fine work of natural yeast.

Chiba Shoyu immovable popular product.

That is "Shimosa Shoyu.

"Koji room", the key to making soy sauce

Roast wheat and mix with Japanese soybeans.

Extend it in the "koji room", carefully maintain the optimum temperature and humidity, and slowly take the time to make the "koji".

170 years old barrel

Repeat fermentation and aging in a old barrel.

A lot of microorganisms inhabit the wooden barrel.

This is the "Shimosa Yeast" that is essential for brewing Shimousa Shoyu.

It has been living in this warehouse for 170 years.

In this way, Shimosa Shoyu is aged with the help of nature and microorganisms.

Shimousa Shoyu 720ml
Standard(in bottle)

Shimosa Shoyu standard product in a bottle.

Shimousa Shoyu 200ml
Double layered bottle

Antioxidant double layered bottle keeps freshness for a long time.

Shimousa "Nama" Shoyu 200ml
Raw soy sauce (not heat treatment)

Super special soy sauce that is even strong "Umami" than Shimosa shoyu.

Shimosa-Nama Shoyu is freshly squeezed raw soy sauce , unlike ordinary soy sauce, which is not pasteurized. Using double layered bottle keeps freshness for a long time.

Shimosa Shoyu awards

Shimosa Shoyu has been awarded two stars twice in 2007 and 2010 by iTQi(International Taste Institute).



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