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Product information

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Here, we introduce Chiba Shoyu products.

Chiba Shoyu has been producing soy sauce, soup sauce and pickles for 170 years.

We use carefully selected raw materials and manufacture under strict quality control standards.

We also ship sample products if you wish, so please consider it.



We will develop the highest quality PB, OEM, and your original soy sauce based on the soy sauce that Chiba Shoyu has prepared.

We also support small lot requests.

Halal soy sauce

Halal soy sauce

We manufacture Halal soy sauce that is Halal certified.

We want people coming from the Islamic region to enjoy the taste of Japan with peace of mind.

Shimousa Shoyu

Shimousa Shoyu is the most recommended product.

Shimousa Shoyu was introduced in many TV programs and magazines.

It is a gem chosen by "food professionals" such as super famous ramen shops and Michelin 1-star yakitori restaurants.

Standard products

Standard products

For product inquiries and sample requests, please start from the bottom of this page.

Collaboration products

Collaboration products

Chiba Shoyu is developing products different from soy sauce in collaboration with other companies.


Chiba Shoyu has received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award five times in the past.

We also received a two-star rating from the International Taste Institute - ITQI in 2007,2010.



Please contact Chiba Shoyu if you are interested in our products, or if you have any questions.

Send us a message here, and we will immediately send you a sample of our products.