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Through Japanese fermented food and brewing technology, we contribute to enriching the world's diet and enhancing the world's food culture.


Below is Chiba Shoyu's social responsibility and management philosophy.

These are always the cornerstones, or the compass of the heart, that guide us on the right path.

Manager and all employees should inherit these values.

  1. We must always provide products and services perfectly that please our customers.
  2. We must create a wonderful workplace that is fulfilling both physically and mentally so that all employees can have a richer and better life.
  3. We must continue to develop our business, create wealth and employment, drive the local economy and contribute to society.

7 action guidelines

  1. The most important thing in business and human relations is "trust", which is the greatest asset of business and life.
  2. Customers are always our top priority. We will contribute to customers by providing them with what they want quickly and accurately.
  3. We cannot do important things alone. We will maximize the power of everyone in team play and achieve high results.
  4. Every day, we reflect on it and strive to improve efficiency and ability step by step.
  5. We do our best to work with gratitude, sincerity, and honesty without forgetting our humble feelings.
  6. We will continue to have a strong will and passion.
  7. We can change the future. We will challenge brightly and positively without fear of failure.

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